Response to the Article “Why Ambition Isn’t Working for Women”

At times this article claims that the reason there are no female CEOs is due to the fact that they have to balance family as well as work, and I do think this is true, to an extent. This is not a struggle typically experienced by males, and it is quite difficult to feel torn between what are essentially two worlds. However, this does not mean it’s impossible. When interviewing with girls from Girls Leadership Worldwide, Ambassador Samantha Powers said that it was all a matter of priorities and knowing how to divide your time. She maintained that it was possible to have both a family and a successful career, but that sacrifices would definitely have to be made.

For more information regarding the topic of women with families and jobs, see the John Oliver segment on Paid Family Leave. He brings up several good points about the US’s policies for women returning work. There are several problems when a woman in the workforce decides to start a family, then takes a maternity leave. Their positions can be filled, they may lose the “paid” portion of their leave, or they may have to go back to work before the baby is ready to be left alone.

With the above problems and so many more, we can see that there is a problem in the US with regards to women in the workforce. Perhaps we should focus on this instead of whether we have to worry about Kanye in 2020.

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Response to the Article, “Djokovic And Federer Are Vying To Be The Greatest Of All Time”

Two major threats in the tennis world, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, are on opposite sides of the success spectrum. Djokovic has risen quickly to a higher peak, skill-wise, than Roger Federer, but appears to have reached his limit, and will start slowing down soon. Federer has maintained a high-level of skill throughout his career, and does not seem to be losing altitude. The authors of this article, Carl Bialik and Benjamin Morris, attempt to answer the question: Which is better, to reach a high level of success, only to decline shortly after, or to have achieve a lower level of success, but maintain it for much longer.

The authors seem to be leaning towards the opinion that Federer has the better end of the deal, and their data supports this. “No matter which threshold we chose, and no matter whether we rated players by match, set or game, Federer reigned as the GAG GOAT. His current success is just running up the score.” They tested top players with Elo ratings and GAG (GOAT (Greatest of All Time) Above Greatness) rankings, and Federer remained at the top regarding GAG, while Djokovic flourished when matches were compared. However, Djokovic’s score may suffer if it turns out he really did “peak”.

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Article of the Week Response Numero Uno

Response to the Article Migrant Tide Bringing Out Europe’s Best and Worst

We feel that the author’s point was to showcase the turmoil that is occurring in Europe regarding violence towards migrants. She accomplished through several ways. She began by telling us about all of the positives. She told us about German officials greeting them with food, toys, and open arms, advertising the best response to the influx in immigration. She then flipped this glimpse and she showcased the violence that people have toward the immigrants. She gave us evidence of this, it was caught on camera. The author uses very effective word choice throughout this article, portraying the German and Austrians’ response as welcoming and cheerful, while showing the Hungarian and Danes’ as reprehensible. There were very specific examples listed that highlighted the immigrant’s plight and gave an insight to the writer’s own views. Examples included Hungarian reporters injuring migrants and the arsonists attacking shelters in Denmark. These are some tools the author used to convey the information without having a strong opinion.

Written by Kaley G., Tommy C., Lexi M., and Labyrinth B.

“Due to the subject of the material, and taking into account the wishes of the other three authors, I’ve decided not to include a funny quote for this post.” – Labyrinth Biker