Sacred Writing #3

Another one bites the dust. Can’t remember what the prompt was, because I ignored it and decided to write about my two favorite characters (that I’ve created, at least), Raven and Kit. I love them to death, but sometimes have trouble writing about the duo, so I practiced during this Sacred Writing.


As Raven danced, she could feel everyone’s eyes on her. Watching, transfixed as she glided across the ballroom floor. She slowed, beginning to feel embarrassed, until she felt a firm hand on her waist. She looked up into the green eyes of her best friend, who grinned and swung her around to face their audience.

Kit began to twirl her around, and suddenly the eyes were no longer noticeable. Her friend seemed more like a protector as she kept her mind off the stares they were receiving. What did she care, anyway? She was here with Kit. In her mind, at least, there was no one else in the room.

The hands found their way back to her waist and open palm, beginning a smooth waltz. Raven’s smile, small at first, grew into a wide grin when she noticed Kit glancing down at her shoes, attempting to keep in time. She took the lead, feeling her partner look up and smile back as Raven began to twirl in the other direction.

She had no idea how long they stood like that, just dancing the waltz, or the tango, or just stepping and shifting their weight, staring into the other’s eyes, but never missing a beat. Kit’s hands never left her, except when it was necessary to keep time, or to unceremoniously throw her into a whirl. When she missed a step, Raven could feel the protective grip tighten, the fingers warm up slightly and draw her closer.

After the dance had ceased, they stood there, in the now-empty ballroom floor, and Raven gave her protector a small kiss, a reward for her silent knight.

Scene ends.

“If you can’t annoy somebody, there’s little point in writing.” -Kingsley Amis

I like this piece, it’s short and cute (maybe because I think the two of them make an adorable couple). You know what? I’ll upload some pictures I drew of them. I know that counts towards the creativity portion of CAS, and I like designing them.

See you soon!


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