Sacred Writing #2

Told ya’ there’d be more. This time I’ve decided to use the “Poem Day”, where we wrote as many poems/raps as we could before the timer went off. Of course, this was after the entire class watched Daniel Radcliffe perform “Alphabet Aerobics”, so you must bear with me on this one.

Boy, I’m in trouble / everything’s a little muffled. / There might be a scuffle / If I pop this bubble. / Everyone’s so pumped / I could get dumped / off a thirty story building owned by Donald Trump / but I’m stumped. / So don’t get mad if I ask this question / beat me up and give a concussion. / This answer might be tainted with aggression / but I think I need to end this session… There’s a game tomorrow?

I really wanna’ rap, / tap this chap’s lip flaps / but I can’t flap my trap / faster than others that can close this / gap. They wouldn’t clap, maybe snap / maybe slap / but I don’t give a crap.

He was gay / and so was he. / Secretly / they were meant to be. / One had pink hair, / the other blue. / They thought maybe they’d see the other / across a crowded room.

The second one physically hurt to type, but it’s fun to say. My favorite has to be the last one, it’s cute and reminiscent of OHSHC (subtext is always the key to a good ship).

“The road to Hell is paved with adverbs.” – Stephen King


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