Cthulhu Isn’t the Surprise, Surprisingly

At the beginning of the year, my Creative Writing teacher asked us to write a story to surprise her… and I think that’s all I need to say.

I walked slowly down the winding suburban lane at night. The streetlamps stood, tall and flickering, and so did not cast much light on the road as I made my way home. My footsteps echoed solely in the brittle air; the sound clued me in on the complete absence of life surrounding this little square of the universe. I wondered briefly what it would be like to truly be alone, but pushed away this thought as I continued down the path.

The house gleamed warmly in the distance, and it struck me as odd, since I hadn’t lit the fire when I’d left. I had assumed everyone had left for the evening. My housemates, despite their harsh personalities, easily found others to provide a pleasant distraction. The rent was more than fair, however, so I responded to their escapades with a heartfelt shrug.

As I begrudgingly climbed the icy front steps, a deep pang of uneasiness shot through me, as if beyond my door something unearthly were waiting. I crossly shook off the gloom and pushed myself beneath the thin oaken lintel. I had expected a silent welcome from the photos shoved haphazardly into their frames, but the sightless eyes of the past were not what greeted me this twilight.

Cthulhu, lord of all evil, was camped in my favorite armchair. His sparkling black eyes were drifting over a newspaper, glazed over with an unknown emotion. He looked up as I padded closer, tentacles sloshing and slurping into a grotesque grin.

“Why are you here?” My voice quivered dangerously.

Cthulhu stood, his rubbery legs slapping the floor embarrassingly. Towering in stature, he stared me down with a coal-black eye.

“Happy Birthday, Pazuzu.”

That’s the final piece from my Creative Writing class this year! I hope you enjoyed reading these, and that you look forward to more.

Could this read as a fanfic between the Babylonian and Cthulhu mythos? Oh well, it’s all subtext.