Separation Anxiety

I don’t know what it’s about yet,

I just know it doesn’t feel right.

A pit forms at the base of my stomach,

My insides squeezing,





Your voices aren’t raised yet,

But it’s on the horizon.

This room’s my safe haven,

But still I keep my eyes on



I do it for you,

I take those feelings,

Lock them up tight,

But these wounds aren’t healing.


I want to shout

“Stop it!”

“Figure it out!”

“Make a decision!”

“I just want out!”

But I tamp it down,

Hold steady.

Don’t even frown.


It’s hard these days,

Because I’m going through things too.

I’m finding myself,

Figuring it out without you.


Every day another scare,

A deep-seated unsettling.

I want to let out these feelings,

Throw that vase, tears streaming.


But I can’t.

I won’t.

I’ll keep my poker face,

Stop asking if I’m fine,




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