Creativity Hours Complete!

Over the summer I finished up my creativity hours for CAS (or at least, as close as I can figure). I spent my days working out in the mornings for about an hour, then spent the next several assisting my buddy Gwendolyn117 in writing a book series! This consisted of writing chapters, character exercises, and plot formation, and is technically still going on to this day.

Planned and initiated activities

  1. What was your organizational process? I would go to Gwen’s house, then work on the book for a bit. There was never really a set schedule, other than showing up every day.
  2. What did you learn about planning and initiating activities? Was it easy? Difficult? I learned that planning and initiating activities is sometimes quite difficult, considering the individual schedules of two people. Often we would need to work around each others’ schedules and be concious of the other’s commitments.

Worked collaboratively with others

  1. Is working with others generally easy or hard for you? With Gwen, it’s very easy to work together. We often think on the same wavelength, picking up the other’s slack. With anyone else it’s variable, depending on the competency of the group.
  2. Did you have to work with anyone difficult? How did you handle it? At times we were our own worst enemy, and would bicker over plot details we hadn’t figured out. When this occurred, we would take a break, do some individual research, or just spitball alternative ideas until something fit.
  3. Why is it important to be able to work collaboratively with others? The book will never be done unless we work together. The reward for working with each other is getting to see the labors of our efforts on store shelves.

Showed perseverance and commitment in activities

  1. Was perseverance or commitment difficult? Why? At times we would hit a wall, commonly referred to as writer’s block. When this happened, it was very difficult to continue with the project, and we would end up cutting the session early.
  2. Why is showing perseverance and commitment important? The feeling of FINALLY figuring out a plothole that’s been stumping you is a reward in and of itself, but another was seeing the progress we were making in front of our own eyes.

Developed new skills

  1. What new skills did you learn? An in-depth look into what it takes to write a novel.
  2. How could this skill be useful to you in the future? In many ways as an English teacher, but in many more as an author.
  3. How does this new skill make you feel about yourself? Proud. It makes me confident to know that I have a starting point when I begin writing solo novels, and that I’m not beginning as a newbie.
  4. Why is it important to learn new skills? To have a platform with which to start ugrading said skills. These skills also prepare you for adult life.

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