A Letter For My Mother

You called me sunshine,

Your little sunshine.

You kept me happy

When thoughts were gray.

You’ll never know, Mom,

How much I love you.

But your sunshine is going away.


You shed a long sigh,

Then your knees crack,

A long day over,

And now you’re toast.

But still you smile

As if it’s nothing.

Crack a joke, then ask about my day.


Your taste in TV

Could use an upgrade.

And you say my shows

Could rot your brain.

But you’re still quick, Mom.

Quick as a whip, Mom.

Your intelligence too high to decay.


You taught me early,

Treat others kindly.

But retaliate

When you’re done wrong.

Respect is tricky

But give it easily

Big hearts beat egos any day.


Some days

I came home empty.

Cheeks stained with teardrops

Mind heavy as stone.

You hushed the world silent

Shooed off the darkness

Held me close, kept reality at bay.


And so, Mom,

I want you to know, Mom.

You are perfect

Despite all you say.

You raised a good kid

So cut the bullshit.

Keep up that smile, your sunshine’s okay.