Senior Project (CAS)

My high school has a day each month where the teachers/students/clubs band together and discuss one issue facing the school. In order for our group of IB students to finish up our senior service project, we decided to join the fray for one month and discuss the topic of stress management (we felt we would have the most to say on the topic).

We spent a few meetings planning how everything would go down. We decided to split the IB students into groups of two and send them to the different classes to keep order and explain how the whole day was going to go down. We had a few students make a video to grab the classes’ attention, worked out a few bullet points to have the teachers look over, and decided on an activity for the kids to do during the hour.

On the day of the Whole Child Stress Management workshop, I was assigned to a room with another IB student, and we assisted the teacher in carrying out the event. This included explaining the instructions of the activity to the students, which were to write down what makes students stressed, taking note, then how students de-stress, also taking note. I kept track of troublemakers and maintained order while the students enjoyed the activity. Afterwards, we discussed what we had found out during the activity, and I helped clean up.

That was my contribution to the IB class’ senior project. I actually thought the event went fairly well. There were the usual amount of naysayers and “cooler-than-you” kids who felt they were above participating, but myself and my partner handled things quite well.


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