Intro to GLW

My second project this summer was a bit bigger, and dare I say, it fit all categories on the sheets our supervisors handed out. It increased awareness of my own strengths and areas of growth, I definitely undertook new challenges, I worked collaboratively with others, I showed perseverance and commitment in activities (even when I really didn’t want to), I engaged with issues of global importance, I considered the ethical implications of my actions, and I developed new skills. The only box I couldn’t strike off was the “planned/initiated activities” because they had the days mapped out already.

Allow me to explain. This summer I attended the Girls’ Leadership Worldwide workshop in New York for about nine days. During those nine days I stepped into my “challenge zone” (their words, not mine) and never really left, until I came back home.

Girls’ Leadership Worldwide strives to teach girls how to be leaders in their own communities, as well as building their confidence and honing unique skills, adding a few to each girl’s repertoire. They do this by hosting lectures and meetings with prominent female leaders, as well as taking the girls on several outings in New York City. Founded by Eleanor Roosevelt, they have several activities dedicated to learning about her life and achievements.

I’m going to go over all nine days (woof) so I don’t miss anything, so strap in for the long haul. This post was mostly to get the basic information out and the background of GLW before I go blabbing about it for another nona-post.

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” -Douglas Adams

Until next time!