A Letter For My Father



Sometimes it’s difficult to put feelings into words.

They tumble outwards, the dam bursts.

They bubble out like a geyser,

Like a babbling brook.

But the words are unsorted, unspecified.

They’re uncooperative, they hurt.


So allow me to weave these words

Into a coherent “letter”

Though I guess it’s more a poem

This format suits me better.


I want you to know I love you,

Though I might act the opposite.

This time has been difficult

Silence is how I deal with it.


I’m curt because I’m unsure,

I’m quiet because I can’t think,

I’m angry because I hate repetition,

I’m sad because I’ve seen the brink.


Your words,

Your promises,

They sound so sincere

Like you believe every sentence

Like you can deliver.


But to me, to the receiver

They’re empty

I’ve heard them before

I was disappointed then

Heart broken

Why move the hand back

When it was just bitten?


I want so much to believe you

Forgive you

Embrace you





It falls through

This go ‘round

I’m asking for solid proof.


I’ll admit, I don’t understand.

But I will soon,

While you’ve been bleedin’ and fightin’

I’ve been readin’ and writin’

And soon I’ll come through.

I’ll know what you’re going through.


I’ve got a question for you.

That man I once knew,

The one who’d joke and laugh

Make me giggle, pat my head?

Is he locked away

Or is he dead?


So do your best.

Relax, heal, and rest.

And let this be the last

Test you pass.


You want forgiveness?

You need to work for it.

It ain’t as easy as you seem to think,

And don’t forget it.


If this is a disease there must be a cure.

Though I’m not always sure,

It’s pure


That I gotta’ sit here all demure.

I assure you,

If this happens again.

There will be no forgiveness.

So get better, man.

Your daughter


Creativity Hours Complete!

Over the summer I finished up my creativity hours for CAS (or at least, as close as I can figure). I spent my days working out in the mornings for about an hour, then spent the next several assisting my buddy Gwendolyn117 in writing a book series! This consisted of writing chapters, character exercises, and plot formation, and is technically still going on to this day.

Planned and initiated activities

  1. What was your organizational process? I would go to Gwen’s house, then work on the book for a bit. There was never really a set schedule, other than showing up every day.
  2. What did you learn about planning and initiating activities? Was it easy? Difficult? I learned that planning and initiating activities is sometimes quite difficult, considering the individual schedules of two people. Often we would need to work around each others’ schedules and be concious of the other’s commitments.

Worked collaboratively with others

  1. Is working with others generally easy or hard for you? With Gwen, it’s very easy to work together. We often think on the same wavelength, picking up the other’s slack. With anyone else it’s variable, depending on the competency of the group.
  2. Did you have to work with anyone difficult? How did you handle it? At times we were our own worst enemy, and would bicker over plot details we hadn’t figured out. When this occurred, we would take a break, do some individual research, or just spitball alternative ideas until something fit.
  3. Why is it important to be able to work collaboratively with others? The book will never be done unless we work together. The reward for working with each other is getting to see the labors of our efforts on store shelves.

Showed perseverance and commitment in activities

  1. Was perseverance or commitment difficult? Why? At times we would hit a wall, commonly referred to as writer’s block. When this happened, it was very difficult to continue with the project, and we would end up cutting the session early.
  2. Why is showing perseverance and commitment important? The feeling of FINALLY figuring out a plothole that’s been stumping you is a reward in and of itself, but another was seeing the progress we were making in front of our own eyes.

Developed new skills

  1. What new skills did you learn? An in-depth look into what it takes to write a novel.
  2. How could this skill be useful to you in the future? In many ways as an English teacher, but in many more as an author.
  3. How does this new skill make you feel about yourself? Proud. It makes me confident to know that I have a starting point when I begin writing solo novels, and that I’m not beginning as a newbie.
  4. Why is it important to learn new skills? To have a platform with which to start ugrading said skills. These skills also prepare you for adult life.

Response to the Article “Why Everything is Bad For You”

So, I need food to survive, but food is the one thing that’s really going to kill me?


What a cruel and ironic twist the universe has decided to throw into our path. If only we didn’t eat anything, or subsisted on worms and dirt, we would be living longer and healthier lives. While I don’t mind eating worms (I hear they’re actually quite tasty once you get over the whole “three hearts” thing), I’ll acknowledge that most of my country disagrees with me on this.

Perhaps the article is subtly jabbing at the foods industry, saying that they aren’t doing a well-enough job keeping millions of people from getting diseases from their products. (Although I think I can safely assume that if even one customer is sick through the company’s ignorance, it’s one too many) In that case, maybe we as a population should do the same. How long can we stand for the syrupy mess of a soda that will dissolve a rat in America?

I remember a time when I wasn’t afraid that whatever I was eating would finally push me into the risk category. Those peanut butter covered waffles with maple syrup heartily drizzled over it never tasted so sweet. (Honestly, they tasted a lot like salty, soggy dough… but also freedom!)

Someday, we’ll reach that spiritual enlightenment everyone’s always talking about, where we’ll evolve beyond the need to eat and will soar into space and join the aliens we secretly contacted years ago. Until that time, however, leave me to my bags of M&Ms and cans of Coke; I want to go out on a sugar high.

Link to the article: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/24/fashion/why-everything-is-bad-for-you.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur&_r=1

“Time is an ocean, not a garden hose. Space is a puff of smoke, a wisp of a cloud. Your mind… is a flying corn snake hovering through all the possibilities.” -Robert Marley, John Dies at the End

Sacred Writing #2

Told ya’ there’d be more. This time I’ve decided to use the “Poem Day”, where we wrote as many poems/raps as we could before the timer went off. Of course, this was after the entire class watched Daniel Radcliffe perform “Alphabet Aerobics”, so you must bear with me on this one.

Boy, I’m in trouble / everything’s a little muffled. / There might be a scuffle / If I pop this bubble. / Everyone’s so pumped / I could get dumped / off a thirty story building owned by Donald Trump / but I’m stumped. / So don’t get mad if I ask this question / beat me up and give a concussion. / This answer might be tainted with aggression / but I think I need to end this session… There’s a game tomorrow?

I really wanna’ rap, / tap this chap’s lip flaps / but I can’t flap my trap / faster than others that can close this / gap. They wouldn’t clap, maybe snap / maybe slap / but I don’t give a crap.

He was gay / and so was he. / Secretly / they were meant to be. / One had pink hair, / the other blue. / They thought maybe they’d see the other / across a crowded room.

The second one physically hurt to type, but it’s fun to say. My favorite has to be the last one, it’s cute and reminiscent of OHSHC (subtext is always the key to a good ship).

“The road to Hell is paved with adverbs.” – Stephen King

Hello world!

I suppose I’ll get right down to business, then, if such an upbeat title starts us off. My name is Labyrinth Biker and I have started this blog to chronicle the various feats I complete for the International Baccalaureate program, which could include, but is by no means limited to food drives, creating a work-out regimen, volunteering at community organizations, or anything reflective in nature. Now I realize I may have started a bit late, but never in my life have I claimed to be a productive person.

If you enjoy listening to sarcastic comments, long-winded sentences, and a lot of comic book/anime references, boy have you found a great site! Go forth and enjoy the many posts I’ve surely completed over the time I’ve spent here on WordPress.