A Summarized Version of “A Workout Regimen is Born!”

I.B. requires very specific results from any CAS hours, so I’ll paraphrase my first post, which detailed my shared workout regimen with Gwendolyn117, including what goals I hit.

Increased awareness of own strengths and areas for growth

What did you learn about yourself? I learned that I can take a lot of pain, as long as I benefit in the long run.

Did the activity humble you? Boost your self confidence? A bit of both. I learned that my body was not a well-oiled machine, but I felt better about myself after sticking to the regimen.

Undertook new challenges

  1. What was challenging? Why was it challenging? Pushing myself to my limits. I often had to force myself to keep going despite the discomfort.
  2. Have you done anything similar before? No, but I have since.
  3. How did you overcome the challenge? Sheer willpower and the channeling of my ancestors’ strength.

Planned and initiated activities

  1. What was your organizational process? I mapped out the exercises necessary for each day of the week, then for the month, etc.
  2. What did you learn about planning and initiating activities? Was it easy? Difficult? It was easy once I got the hang of it. I learned how to build a schedule and stick to it.

Worked collaboratively with others

  1. Is working with others generally easy or hard for you? It really depends on the person, but I usually get along well with Gwendolyn117. She’s a great gal, and I value her input.
  2. Did you have to work with anyone difficult? How did you handle it? Of course, anyone who has ever gone to school has had to work with someone they disagree with. I usually delegate tasks I feel they would excel at, then attempt to divide the work evenly from there, being patient and polite.
  3. Why is it important to be able to work collaboratively with others? You can’t get much done if you can’t work with others. Often, working poorly with others hinders more than helps your goals.

Showed perseverance and commitment in activities

  1. Was perseverance or commitment difficult? Why? Yes, at times the sore muscles and hard work were difficult, especially near the beginning. As we continued however, I saw the fun in the exercise.
  2. Why is showing perseverance and commitment important? Commitment and perseverance allow you to get the most out of a task, and the best results out of a situation. Had I given up, I wouldn’t have gained the benefits of being fit (and being able to eat what I wanted in the name of “carbo-loading”).

Developed new skills

  1. What new skills did you learn? The ability to create a workout regimen and the determination to keep going on a long run.
  2. How could this skill be useful to you in the future? When I’m older and out of the house, this will be useful, perhaps when I’m in college and super busy.
  3. How does this new skill make you feel about yourself? Pretty confident, actually. It makes me feel prepared.
  4. Why is it important to learn new skills? Because they can be useful later in life.

Separation Anxiety

I don’t know what it’s about yet,

I just know it doesn’t feel right.

A pit forms at the base of my stomach,

My insides squeezing,





Your voices aren’t raised yet,

But it’s on the horizon.

This room’s my safe haven,

But still I keep my eyes on



I do it for you,

I take those feelings,

Lock them up tight,

But these wounds aren’t healing.


I want to shout

“Stop it!”

“Figure it out!”

“Make a decision!”

“I just want out!”

But I tamp it down,

Hold steady.

Don’t even frown.


It’s hard these days,

Because I’m going through things too.

I’m finding myself,

Figuring it out without you.


Every day another scare,

A deep-seated unsettling.

I want to let out these feelings,

Throw that vase, tears streaming.


But I can’t.

I won’t.

I’ll keep my poker face,

Stop asking if I’m fine,



Life in a Library

You don’t always know

Where the books go.

The label’s smudged,

The pages, torn.


You tape them together,

Glue the spines,

Buff the disc,

Distribute fines.


You smile amiably,

Give help where you can,

Sometimes it feels like plaster.

A bright face,

An emotional scam.


A scream echoes through the halls,

Children demanding more.

Often you want to shake them,

Give ’em what for.

Remind them it’s a library,

And don’t you have any manners,

You tiny spore?


Patrons don’t believe you.

They ask for miracles.

The sounds of complaints,

Begins to feel lyrical.

They didn’t look,

The evidence is empirical.


You return home,

Back aching,

Feet sore,

Shoulders stiff,

Fingers raking,

Through locks newly freed,

From that severe bun.


You wonder why this job called so.

The pay is abysmal.

The patrons, awful.

The treatment, reprehensible.

Why do you stay?



One day.


A small, grubby hand,

Taps you,

Demands attention.

Eyes wide,


Filled with imagination.

Seeking information.


They smile,

Request something simple,


Your fingers search,



You find it easily,

Their face lights up.

They thank you breezily,

And your heart melts

As they ask

For something else,

But nothing breezy.

You see.


This kid’s dreaming big,

And can’t have the baby

Books, anymore.

They think maybe

They’ll study everything.

They have to know more.


You remember your reasons now.

It always comes back to you,


Through the darkest nights,

And bleakest days,

You’ll forever be swayed,

By these displays.


The hunger for knowledge,

Not dampened by failure.

This beautiful behavior.

As they stare,



At the stacks,

And you see a bit of drool.

You’d be a fool

To deny that child

What they’ll never learn

In school.



Life at the library

Is trying

But there’s no denying

That the vying

Children and patrons,

Who only want to seek,

Make this life worth living.

Lifts a smile,

To your cheeks.

Cthulhu Isn’t the Surprise, Surprisingly

At the beginning of the year, my Creative Writing teacher asked us to write a story to surprise her… and I think that’s all I need to say.

I walked slowly down the winding suburban lane at night. The streetlamps stood, tall and flickering, and so did not cast much light on the road as I made my way home. My footsteps echoed solely in the brittle air; the sound clued me in on the complete absence of life surrounding this little square of the universe. I wondered briefly what it would be like to truly be alone, but pushed away this thought as I continued down the path.

The house gleamed warmly in the distance, and it struck me as odd, since I hadn’t lit the fire when I’d left. I had assumed everyone had left for the evening. My housemates, despite their harsh personalities, easily found others to provide a pleasant distraction. The rent was more than fair, however, so I responded to their escapades with a heartfelt shrug.

As I begrudgingly climbed the icy front steps, a deep pang of uneasiness shot through me, as if beyond my door something unearthly were waiting. I crossly shook off the gloom and pushed myself beneath the thin oaken lintel. I had expected a silent welcome from the photos shoved haphazardly into their frames, but the sightless eyes of the past were not what greeted me this twilight.

Cthulhu, lord of all evil, was camped in my favorite armchair. His sparkling black eyes were drifting over a newspaper, glazed over with an unknown emotion. He looked up as I padded closer, tentacles sloshing and slurping into a grotesque grin.

“Why are you here?” My voice quivered dangerously.

Cthulhu stood, his rubbery legs slapping the floor embarrassingly. Towering in stature, he stared me down with a coal-black eye.

“Happy Birthday, Pazuzu.”

That’s the final piece from my Creative Writing class this year! I hope you enjoyed reading these, and that you look forward to more.

Could this read as a fanfic between the Babylonian and Cthulhu mythos? Oh well, it’s all subtext.

Six Words, Yet Cover A Lifetime

Ever heard of six-word poems? They’re very deep, thoughtful, and give you a glimpse into the author’s psyche. Our assignment was to chronicle our lives (past, present, and future) using this structure. By the way, the word, “bae” here is used ironically. Don’t judge me!

Took twenty-six hours, guilt tripped forever

“You were so cute, what happened?”

Wall was closer than I thought.

Mom “ashamed” of nerd-culture children.

Feeling different, making friends, seeing wonders.

So glad I found these goofs.

Wishing that the weekend wouldn’t end.

Married school sweetheart, attack helicopter style.

Best-selling author is beloved at comic-con.

Answering sarcastically to fan questions, spoilers!

Adopted, best decision I ever made

Great-great grandmother, great-great blessings.

Died happy, followed my bae, *hurk*

Assorted Scribbles

For my third piece, I present my short story excerpt that I presented at a Writing Recital. It’s heavily edited to make sense in a small time-frame, but it still gets the message across.

The following are diary entries written by a Ms. Patricia Kenyon chronicling her numerous escape attempts from Mount Massive Psychiatric Hospital.

Attempt number twelve:

Knock over urn on shelf in “living room”. While the janitor’s distracted, I take his keys. Hide until nighttime, then make my way outside and climb the fence.

Failure. While attempting to sneak down hallway, my fellow inmate Veronica yelled greetings. I was sucked into a thirty-minute discussion on the logistics of earthworms and caught by security guards.

I Obtained:


  • Metaphorical soundboard / Best friend?
  • Dead weight


Attempt number twenty-three:

Paraglide out of hallway bay window using bedsheets and toilet plungers, land on a vending machine conveniently stationed next to said window, and fight off guard dogs with newly coined Plunger-Glider.

Failure, the Plunger-Glider is not an effective weapon against German Shepherds.

I Obtained:


  • An amazing name for a band


  • An uncomfortable hatred for dogs

Attempt number thirty-three:

Knockout two security guards and steal their uniforms. Using our superior acting skills, Veronica and I will walk out of the institution.

Failure, Veronica cannot act.

I Obtained:


  • An ever dwindling list of bestie’s good qualities
  • Two security guard uniforms


Attempt number thirty-three (and a half):

Make a run for it pray that the guards outside have not been notified.

Failure, those goshdarn German Shepherds.

I Obtained:


  • Canine saliva
  • Another R-rated “discussion” with the dogs


Attempt number one-hundred:

Flood asylum by placing hamburger buns in toilets. Clog the sink drains with extra shirts. Ride out on a sea of victory (and various other fluids).

Failure, sinking an entire building is easily detected, as well as deterred.

I Obtained:


  • Soggy clothes
  • Disgusted Veronica
  • An appreciation for plumbers


Attempt one-hundred seventeen:

Hoard meat from the cafeteria to deter German Shepherds. Utilizing the extinguishers found during several previous failures, spray at any guards who attempt to detain. Walk out like a champion.

It was a success. A sweet, dog-free success.

I Obtained:


  • Slightly crazy fugitive friend



A Thrilling Parody

During my class’s “Parody and Satire” unit, I wrote a parody of Never Shout Never’s “Trouble”. It acts as a summation of the first few arcs of Thrilling Intent, the show I plugged in the last post. It contains one or two expletives, but then again, so does the show. Enjoy!

“Never Shout in the Prison of Lights”

I’m in trouble

I’m an addict

I just spotted this new show

The plot has got me goin’ “what?”

But I always have to know.


And even worse

I left my browser on.

My dad just checked it out.

He asked me, “What’s it about?”


I said, “ Dad, you wouldn’t understand,

“You’re just too far behind.”

This show’s mostly ad-libbing

But it always blows my mind.

Oh, the characters will make you smile I swear,

I swear


Because it’s so oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh


The headstrong fighter we all call Gregor

And his PigBat, Don’t


And oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh

Ashe the Guardian

Stop saying it’s science

It’s totally magic

We all know


They’re in prison

It’s full of ghouls

They just faced off against Death

Really he just needs a hug

That Ashe would want to give


It’s getting worse I can’t stop watching this

It’s all I want and more

And seriously

What’s not to adore?


Inien is such a bitch

But her spells are pretty great

Marcus is a Demon bud

Who’s always getting dates

And Kyr, the inventor

Will be the death of them

I swear, I swear


Because he’s so oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh


He’s making plans to destroy the moon

But he surely won’t.


Because they’re so oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh


And making my week,

Each and every week

Without fail


And oh, oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh



See you at the next post!