The Bratwurst Scene

My username is Labyrinth Biker (my real name will remain private) and is meant to symbolize both my love of mythology, especially Greek, and biking, as it is my primary form of travel.

I enjoy reading, writing, and drawing, but have the interesting talent of data-gathering and memorization. At this time, I am faster than my local library’s computers when it comes to searching for a book. The same applies to Barnes & Noble. Instead of spending ten minutes looking for a certain copy of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, just ask me and I’ll find it in seconds. Another talent I’m quite fond of is my ability to disappear in a crowded area. I blend in so well one could almost call me a wallflower. I like to observe people more often than actually talking to them, as I tend to have trouble holding conversations for long periods of time.

My pet peeves include poor grammar and spelling, thinly veiled plot twists and/or poor plots in general, and being interrupted. I absolutely hate it when I’m trying to talk and someone just-

A large part of my life is anime and comic books. I consider myself to be knowledgeable in both areas, and I promise several references to them as I continue this blog.

As a final thought, I enjoy writing long book-series, but haven’t figured out how to finish any of them. We’ll see how that bodes for this blog.

“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.” – Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt


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